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Welcome, Nga Mihi

We are Te Rito, a collaboration of member organisations from around South Canterbury who work towards ending family violence. Our vision is a South Canterbury of safe and supportive families/whanau, and an end to abuse in the home.

For more information on our member agencies, please visit “Our Members” page.

Te Rito works to achieve this aim by…

  • Providing education and information opportunities in the community
  • Providing crisis and intervention contact resources to the individual and community
  • Ensuring members have strong interagency connections
  • Supporting regional and national anti-violence campaigns
  • Encouraging a culturally relevant approach because we are all unique
  • Maintaining a presence at community events to promote safe families
  • Providing information for those deal with family violence

Our network is always interested in hearing from organisations who want to be involved in eliminating family violence victimisation in Timaru and South Canterbury.

If this is you, please contact the coordinator Michelle Thew on (

Family violence – It’s Not OK

Any behaviour that makes someone else feel controlled and fearful is never OK. Everyone in a family or in a relationship should feel safe and nurtured.

A healthy relationship is supportive, trusting and warm. But in some relationships one person uses power and fear to control the other. These relationships are emotionally abusive and can become extremely unsafe.

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