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How Can I Help?

Opening a conversation with someone you are concerned about can be difficult. However, your support could be the encouragement to change that someone needs to live safely and violence-free.

Don’t judge

Offer support, not advice. Listen closely to what is being said and be available – family violence thrives in isolation. Victims can come to live in safety, and abusers willing to address their behaviours with sincerity can change

Dial 111

If the person you are supporting is ringing you in crisis, always call the police in an emergency

Call a local agency

Family violence support agencies want to hear from you! They can provide helpful guidance on how to support someone living with family violence. Families/whanau and community are a huge part in living free from violence

Don’t blame the victim

Let the victim know the violence is not their fault – try not to ask questions such as “why don’t you just leave?” or “what did you do to provoke the situation?” as these questions make someone living with family violence feel as though they are to blame for their situation. They aren’t. The onus is always on the abuser.

Keep educated

If we know what family violence looks like, we can help prevent it by being aware of its presence and knowing what to do to help. Visit our pages here (link to understanding violence pages) to get an overview of the cycles family violence often takes and its different forms. There is plenty of great information available online and many in the community who work in the field who will happily share information about how to build a safer environment for families (link to support pages for victims, abusers)